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In the RANGER STATION Nashville Fragrance House, the belief is life was meant to be an adventure, and scent makes it an experience. That’s why RN creates bold, long-lasting, ingredient-honest candles and fragrances to be the everyman’s luxury, so you can leave traces wherever you go. 

RANGER STATIONS Honest Approach 

Society often says that 'all natural' is the safest approach to fragrance. In reality, many natural ingredients are toxic, endangered, and/or animal by-products. 

RANGER STATION is committed to using the safest ingredients for you, and the environment, which can sometimes mean a synthetic alternative when the natural choice doesn't pass the test.

  • Perfume. Phthalate free fragrance oils, vegan and cruelty free, fragrance oils sourced sustainably worldwide


  • HIGH HORSE: citrus / patchouli / cedarwood / musk
  • JORDAN'S PERFUME: sandalwood / ambergris / cedarwood / rose / jasmine
  • OAKMOSS: moss / cedarwood / amber / bergamot 
  • OUD RANCH: Palo Santo / Oud Wood / Cedar / Pepper
  • SANDALWOOD + BERGAMOT: sandalwood / bergamot / vetiver / smoke 
  • SANTALUM: sandalwood / amber resin / iris / leather  *smells like Le Labo 33*
  • TWO TRICK PONY: [amber / ambroxan / woods / musk
  • The perfect sidekick. A fragrance enhancer that can do not one trick, but two. With raw, clean, warm and golden happening all at the same time, Two Trick Pony is designed to be worn with another parfum. As it lingers on your skin, it enhances other aromas. Made only with base notes of crystal clear ambroxan and warm amber woods, we can’t promise you won’t be addicted at first spray. We also can’t promise you won’t want to wear it solo (see, two tricks in one). *A note to you: Our goal with this enhancer was to make something pure and simple that compliments other fragrances well. Because of that, the wearer may become 'nose blind' to this scent when worn by itself, but trust us, everyone else can still smell it.

Shipping & Returns

Our motto is retail therapy which means whatever you purchase should make you feel good. 

If something you purchased isn't making you feel good, reach out to us within 7 days and we will help you find another style or provide store credit to come back and shop with us later! If the item was shipped, you are responsible for paying for shipping to return the item as well as shipping on the new item.

*Returned items must not have been worn

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